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Light weight

modular roof tile

Recycled tiles


to last.

Takazuri is a design innovation firm working to create smart products for the building industry utilising recycled material.  


We are committed to generating sustainable solutions that support local economies and are gentle with the planet.

Recycled roof tiles
to What

Smart building products.

Takazuri products are designed to provide smart solutions that optimise installation, functionality and user experience.

For us, smart means lightweight modular products with interlocking mechanisms that save time and costs over current installation processes.

It also means discovering exciting visual and tactile effects through material combinations, and modular configurations together with colours and textures, to bring spaces to life and improve user experiences and interactions

Finally, "smart products" integrate technology such as solar energy and in-line water filters to make efficient systems for sustainable living.

We believe smart products should be widely accessible and therefore work hard to make them affordable too.

Recycled products
to Why

Because today we need to think about product solutions differently.

As designers we have a responsibility towards society and the environment which we don’t take lightly; with our products we are shaping world economies. 

We have gone the extra mile to formulate a business model that supports local industrial growth and

innovation at a big scale and in a sustainable manner.  At the same time, our plan incorporates collaborative work with small local workshops. In this way we are stimulating emerging economies, promoting local employment and supporting environmental cleanup.

By embedding plastic and other waste materials in construction products, we ensure we keep them away from the landfill and bodies of water.

By making our products recyclable we are extending the material's useful lifetime and using resources efficiently.


Human centred design
to How

By applying Human Centred design and cultivating key alliances.

Through the use of Human Centred Design practices we work closely with stakeholders and end users at every step of the design and implementation process ensuring that our solutions are well adapted to the context and truly responding to the user's needs.  

On the back end, we seek strategic partnerships and collaborators that can catalyse and contribute to the project through material sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of our products. Additionally we engage with organisations that support educational/awareness programs and new legislation campaigns to curate our market landscape.

We are always eager to collaborate with construction

companies, architects, designers and interior decorators introducing them to our products so they can implement them around the globe.

Our collaborators are:  Scene Connect, Miniwiz, Planos Vivos S.A., Precious Plastics Manyatta, Powerhive 

Funders: Innovate UK

design team work

Our core team is composed of Maria Schlesinger, Adel Kassem and Christopher Hornor, a compound of specialized industrial designers and business entrepeneurs with expertise in disruptive innovation. 

With wide and extensive work experience in the US, Europe, South America and Africa, we are out-of-the-box thinkers and great executors with the heart in the right place.


We are critical dreamers and relentless creators.

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We are always looking for growing opportunities
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Christopher Hornor

Business Development

+254 (0) 740021720

Kenya / Africa

Adel Kassem

Co - founder / Design Director

Switzerland / Europe

+41 792058598

Maria Schlesinger

Founder - CEO

Kenya / Africa

+254 (0) 743236846

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